Thank you for your faithful discernment to make a financial commitment to the mission of Queen of All Saints Parish. If you have not had an opportunity to make a commitment, you can do this online. Click here to make your commitment. Commitment cards are also available at church or by calling the parish office.

Please take a moment to evaluate your current level of giving, and prayerfully consider your faith commitment to QAS in the coming year.


Lord God, You alone are the source of every good gift. I praise you and thank you for your great power, and your tender, faithful love.

Everything I am and everything I have is your gift. After creating humanity, you have dedicated each of us to Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Fill my mind with His truth and my heart with His love, that in His spirit I may seek first to serve you.

In the name and spirit of Jesus, I commit myself to the mission of Queen of All Saints Parish by being a good steward of the gifts and resources you have entrusted to me, sharing my time, talents and material gifts as an outward sign of my gratitude for your care and love. Amen.


Please prayerfully consider the following method of determining your gift

1. Locate your household income in the column on the left. Move across the row to find the amount closest to your current weekly gift. Move up the column to find the percentage that you are currently giving.

2. Consider taking a step up, to pledge your financial support to the parish at the next percentage level.

3. As a faithful steward, strive to maintain giving in proportion to the gifts you have received.


“The success or failure of parish programs, the vitality of parish life, or its absence, the ability or in ability of a parish to render needed services to its members and the community, depend on all.”

- Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response

U.S. Bishops’ Pastoral Letter


Commit to your new giving amount for the upcoming year.

Click here to go to the commit form: COMMIT IN 2020

Consider Making your Gift Automatic – WeShare

Disciples make giving a part of their plan. Prayerfully consider making your gift to QAS automatic. You can set up an automatic gift on WeShare through your checking account, or through your debit/credit card. If you have an existing recurring gift at QAS, you can edit your gift by clicking the link here.