Education & Faith Formation Commission

The Education and Faith Formation Commission strives to deepen people’s contact with Jesus Christ by evaluating, promoting and conducting educational and enrichment opportunities and providing intellectual and emotional programs to help people live a more Christ centered life. The goal is to help Catholics understand how to practically and authentically live the Catholic Faith. Some of the results of their efforts include RCIA, the Religious Education Program, Tiny Seeds, Vacation Bible School, Morning Bible Study.

Commission members meet once a month, the fourth Monday of the month, for 1-2 hours and as needed when projects are being planned and implemented. Project specific volunteers are also needed (8th grade and up). Time commitments vary based on the project. VIRTUS training is required when projects involve children. This commission hopes to add more family oriented activities in the future. If you have project ideas to share, want to volunteer for specific existing or new projects or plan to have your entire family more involved in faith sharing opportunities and want to connect your time and talents to this ministry please contact Julie Wojcik at [email protected] or the parish office at 219-872-9196.

Education and Formation Commission responsibilities include:

  • Religious Education 
  • Monday Morning Bible Study 
  • Advent Family Night 
  • St. Nicholas Potluck 
  • Lent Family Night and Potluck