Ministries in Action

Queen of All Saints defines a ministry as one or more baptized persons engaged in acts of service on behalf of and in communion with the Church.

Ministries at QAS rely on parishioner service to reach out to those within the parish, those in need in the surrounding area, around the world and those serviced by local community organizations.

Whether you have never participated in a ministry before, have only done so on a limited basis, or are currently active in one or more ministries, QAS provides you the opportunity to deepen your involvement and to grow as a servant of Christ. There are fifty active ministries that need your time and talents to be even more successful than they are today. New  ministry opportunities are limited only by the number of people willing to serve.  If you are unsure of those talents and interests, QAS offers a Living Your Strengths Program to help guide you on your path to personal sainthood.

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