Spirituality & Worship Commission

The mission of the Spirituality and Worship Commission is the development of liturgical and devotional celebrations that will call the entire community to “full, conscious and active participation” in the heart of the mass: the paschal mystery of Jesus Christ.

This Commission collaborates with other commissions and works through specific ministries to provide opportunities for liturgical growth and spiritual renewal. This commission works with the Pastor to plan liturgies, liturgical environment, prayer services, parish retreats, pilgrimages, bereavement services and foster vocations to priesthood, religious life, permanent diaconate, and lay ministry.

If you are interested in developing inspired worship at Queen of All Saints and want to connect your time and talent to this ministry, please contact Deacon Mike Green at michaelg@qas.org or Lucia Bim-Merle at lucia@qas.org 219-872-9196.