Live QAS

Watch Fr. Kevin's Homily About Live QAS:

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Message from Fr. Kevin about Live QAS:

"During the design phase of the Legacy Center construction project, the committee entertained the idea of access cards to unlock doors and replace keys.  There were many benefits to this type of security system. In addition to eliminating the challenge of tracking keys, access cards provided information about who came into the building and the time they entered. The cards were also easy to track and much more cost effective. However, the selling point for me was that one card can offer complete access to the entire building. When I received that information, the hunt was over.

One key. All access.  The concept is simple and transformative. For six months, I have been working with the Parish Leadership Team to create a similar concept for our parish.  We wanted to design a visual map that would enable you and visitors to the parish to understand how to access parish life and engage in the vision to be saints and make saints.  We arrived at the logo:  Live QAS.  The map locates four principal areas through which a person can enter into the rhythm and activity at Queen of All Saints Parish, worship, service, talent discernment, and community.  There’s no right or wrong place to begin.  The most important thing is to enter through an access point that feels right and then follow God’s prompts."

-Fr. Kevin Huber