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Saints in Action Service Scholarship:

The Saints in Action Service Scholarship requests adults in the family or immediate family (over 18 years of age) to complete 30 hours total of service to the school during the upcoming school year beginning May 1, 2024 and ending April 30, 2025. Here are some activities with which you can help:

  • Lunch and Recess Duty
  • PTO projects such as Teacher Luncheons
  • Classroom Parties
  • Book Fair and Read-a-Thon
  • Drive and Chaperone on Field Trips
  • Concessions, Door Monitor or Sports Spectacular - Athletics
  • Mardi Gras, Rummage Sale, Golf Outing
  • Culture Fair
  • CandleLight Inn  

Service hours completed are credited to your account as $20 per hour completed and submitted with proper documentation and signatures. This amount will be credited to your account during May, 2025. Hours may not be carried over nor will you be credited cash.



The Queen of All Saints Parish Scholarship

The QAS parish scholarship is offered to every family.  This scholarship is provided by the parish for assistance in making your tuition affordable due to the rising cost. To qualify you must submit a legitimate form of income substantiation for the household from which each child resides. The forms are available in the school office or may be printed here.  If you would like one sent with your child, please call the school office.

Click here to print the Queen of All Saints Parish Scholarship Form


NWI Choice Scholarship:

This is a program being sponsored by Big Shoulders Foundation that allows interested new parents to find out if the Choice Scholarship is a possibility for their family.  Please see the exciting news that was published on April 28, 2023 reguarding the expansion of the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program.

Click on this link for more information on this scholarship and see if your family may quailify: 

Other Scholarship Opportunities:

FACTS makes quality education affordable for families by assisting schools in awarding financial aid. We work with schools to create a
custom application and collect financial data so schools can make accurate award decisions based on financial need.

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