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Below, you will find information about our continuous learning plan during this time.

District or Charter School Name

Queen of All Saints School - C110

Section One:  Delivery of Learning

1.       Describe how you will deliver continuous learning opportunities for all students, including special student       populations.

Queen of All Saints School students in KG through eighth grade are actively participating in eLeaning activities Monday - Friday. We started eLearning on Monday, March 16 and will conclude on Wednesday, May 27. Curriculum, following the IDOE standards, is being introduced, reinforced, practiced, and applied. We have scheduled some special days that allow the students to practice their skills in innovative ways during Census Day, Creativity Day and Dia Cultural Hispano. Also, we started Free Thinking Fridays which allow students to self-direct their learning while making connections. Teachers are available from 8 am to 3 pm via email or Remind. Feedback is shared in our school information system, RenWeb and Google Classroom is viewable to students and families. Students with ISP/IEP’s are being supported via Michigan City Area Schools via video chats and telephone calls.

2.       Describe how your district communicates expectations for continuous learning implementation to 1. ) students, 2.) families, and 3.) staff.

Students: Daily lesson plans from their teachers are available in our school information system, Renweb.  The school’s website contains the Google calendar. Communication is available from teachers via email.

Families:  Each Monday an email from the school’s administration is sent to all families with reminders for the week and resources that are available. Each Thursday the Weekly Newsletter is shared with families and staff. Social media is updated daily (Facebook and Instagram). Weekly telephone calls are made to each family by administration.

Faculty/Staff: An emailed memo from the school’s administration is sent each day (M - F) with updates and information. Weekly telephone calls are made to teachers via administration. Virtual weekly staff meetings are held on Mondays at 1 PM.

3.       Describe student access to academic instruction, resources, and supports during continuous learning.

Academic instruction, resources and support for eLearning is available in RenWeb. This information can be accessed by students and families at any time. Students have access to other resources for all activities with provided links. Teachers support students' continuous learning via email, Google classrooms, virtual meetings and RenWeb. Daily prayer (M - F) is offered via social media by the administration.

4.       What equipment and tools are available to staff and students to enable your continuous learning plan? Please list.

Resources and materials in RenWeb are available to all learners via home laptops computers, desktop computers or cell-phones. Families and staff having difficulty accessing materials will be issued a school-owned ChromeBook and charger. We utilize RenWeb and the Google platform to track student achievement. The Queen of All Saints Director of Technology and school administration are available to assist with technology issues.

5.       Describe how educators and support staff are expected to connect with students and families on an ongoing basis.

Educators are expected to connect with learners and families via Remind or RenWeb on a daily basis when school is in session.  As needed, telephone calls, emails, and virtual meetings are utilized with families and learners.  Google Classroom is utilized to enhance instruction and provide additional forms of instructional feedback.
6.     Describe your method for providing timely and meaningful academic feedback to students.
Feedback is provided on RenWeb, Google Classrooms and via email. Teachers are offering live-chat sessions to provide additional assistance, tutoring and to address questions. Evaluated assessment is provided weekly in each subject via RenWeb.

Section Two:  Achievement and Attendance 

7.       Does your continuous learning plan provide an avenue for students to earn high school credits? If so, describe the approach.

Not applicable

8.       Describe your attendance policy for continuous learning.

Each learner checks in daily with their classroom teacher. The teacher tracks attendance by grade level in the school information system, RenWeb. Teachers notify administration if learners are falling behind. Administration follows up with a telephone call to family to offer assistance.

9.       Describe your long-term goals to address skill gaps for the remainder of the school year.

Queen of All Saints School continues to monitor student achievement and mastery of grade-level skills. Teachers are designing and offering activities that can be adjusted for individualized instruction or learning, as needed.  The Continuous Learning Guidance Document provided by the Indiana Department of Education helps address gaps and appropriate learning for the remainder of the school year.

Section Three:  Staff Development

10.     Describe your professional development plan for continuous learning.

All teachers have a 12 month subscription to Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Classrooms. We have been studying this social-emotional program since August, and now more than ever, the value of being mentally healthy is clear. The contents of the book and video lessons remind all that true learning (and good teaching) come from being in a healthy spot emotionally. Additionally, virtually staff meetings are offered weekly. On-line resources are shared among faculty members and via the daily memo.

The typical school day at Queen of All Saints Catholic School in Michigan City, Indiana is as follows:

6:30 AM - 7:45 AM Noah’s Ark Available
7:45 AM First Bell Rings
8:00 AM School in Session

11:15 - 11:55 PK, KG, 1st and 2nd
11:40 - 12:30 Grades 3rd, 4th and 5th 
12:05 - 12:40 Grades 6th, 7th and 8th

3:00 PM Dismissal

3:15 - 6:00 PM Noah’s Ark Available