Word on Fire ENGAGE

Bishop Robert Barron's Word on Fire ENGAGE 

With ENGAGE, QAS has access to high-quality videos and mini-courses short videos and films that have been Emmy-nominated, aired on Public Television, and viewed by millions around the world. This content is available exclusively to those using our QAS Flocknote. Using Word on Fire ENGAGE, we can evangelize and catechize as a parish community with engaging and transformative videos and films. Featuring Bishop Robert Barron, one of the most effective Catholic evangelists today, these videos have led to countless conversions, reversions, and transformed lives. Many people have described them as the most engaging Catholic videos they've ever seen.

ENGAGE is much more than a video library. It's a revolutionary new way to communicate and evangelize. ENGAGE allows us to send premium videos directly to you via email or text. Best of all, you can immediately watch and reply back without setting up an account, using a code, or requiring a password. The barrier of entry is extremely low which makes the engagement extremely high. There are also several mini-courses from Bishop Barron that are provided to QAS with this library. Each course includes regular messaging, short videos from Bishop Barron, and a place to discuss the content.

Through Word on Fire ENGAGE, QAS parishioners get 100% access to the Word on Fire Digital library, so you can watch any of Bishop Barron's films and study programs on any device, whenever you'd like.


How do regular members access the Word on Fire Digital Library?

There are 2 easy ways for members to access the Word on Fire Digital Library: 

When you receive a QAS note that contains Bishop Barron videos, those videos will automatically include an easy access point to view the full Word on Fire Digital Library. No logins, passwords, or access codes required! 

You can also create a Flocknote login (click here for setup instructions). The QAS Flocknote URL is qas.flocknote.com and the Text-to-Join keyword is QASMC to 84576.  This is not required unless you want to change Flocknote notification preferences, change personal info, or review previously-sent notes. Once logged in,  click on "My Dashboard" and a big banner will appear with an orange button that says "Visit WoFDigital.org." Easy peasy! 


*Content edited from help.flocknote.com for Word on Fire ENGAGE. Access content from Bishop Barron, exclusively built on the Flocknote platform.