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Catholic Services Appeal

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Scrip: A Way to Support QAS with everyday purchases

Scrip is a term that means "substitute money". When you purchase scrip, you're purchasing negotiable gift certificates or prepaid cards that are used just like cash. There are NO extra hidden fees. Just pay for the face value of the gift certificate or prepaid card for each retailer you shop; and use them just like cash. You can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and gas for your car. You can also use them for appliances (large & small), as well as Home Improvement projects. (See the order form).

How does scrip generate revenue? 

Whenever you purchase Scrip certificates or cards, Queen of All Saints Church or School receives cash back in the amount of 2% to 25 %. Remember this is at NO cost to you. To order scrip, simply complete the order form. Scrip can be purchased preferably with cash, money order or by check. You can also use a credit card, but this costs QAS a 2.42% processing fee. For example if there is a 5% rebate on a certain card or certificate, the rebate then becomes only 2.58% if a credit card is used.

When can you buy Scrip?

Scrip is sold after all weekend Masses. And, when school is in session, scrip is sold Monday thru Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 9:30 a.m in the Legacy Center. You can also send your order in with payment with a student, or call your order to #219-872-4420, ext 202, and pick up your order in the school office. Additionally, you can fax your order to #219-872-1943, or place your order on-line.

Profit Designation

You can annually designate that your generated scrip profit be given to the Parish, School or for tuition for a particular student. And, you can also designate the 8th Grade Washington DC trip, the 4th Grade Indianapolis trip or the QAS Festival.

A Word about "Profit"

The “profit” number reported weekly in the Parish bulletin is “gross profit”. To arrive at the “net profit”, which can be used for various Parish or School projects, you need to deduct the programs' direct costs, including credit card fees and shipping costs. After doing that, you end up with the amount available for distribution. Distributions earned by student families are applied to tuition at Queens and Marquette. Once that is done, you arrive at a “net profit” that is used for various Parish and School projects. The split between the Parish and School is determined by you the customer when you designate so at the top of the scrip order form.

Find Out More

Ask your scrip coordinator listed below for the latest participating retailer list. Then put your shopping dollars to work for our school or church!

Queen of All Saints Parish Scrip Program

Karen Sheets & Christina Bentley
Phone: 219-872-4420
Please send SCRIP orders to: [email protected]

Download a SCRIP order form here.

Legacy Society & Endowment Fund: Planned Giving

Leaving A Legacy of Love and Faith

You can leave a legacy with planned gifts to the Queen of All Saints Endowment Fund.  Learn more about leaving a Legacy of Love and Faith through planned giving to Queen of All Saints Endowment Fund, you can help ensure the continued witness of Queen of All Saints Parish that sustained and nourished you during your lifetime.

Every day, Queen of All Saints is the beneficiary of the gifts of talent, time and financial support from parishioners.  Queen of All Saints also benefits from the gifts of those who have died. Commitment to the ministries of this parish, and the vision of an ongoing witness to God’s love, leads many people to pledge future financial support through and estate bequest. Such gifts sustain our ministry and preserve our property-and regardless of size, are always an occasion of joy!

Each generation of Catholics is given an important mission: how do we pass on the faith to the next generation? Through evangelization – knowing our faith and sharing our faith. It is also important to share our God-given resources. One of the resources – our assets include the things we have accumulated over our lifetime.

The assets and our ability to accumulate them are gifts from a loving, generous God. As Catholics we have a responsibility to use these gifts wisely – to share them with others – our family certainly, but also the parish that sustained and nourished us during our lifetime.

The easiest way to make a planned gift to Queen of All Saints Parish is to include a simple bequest in your will. If you already have a will, please take time to review it to ensure it meets your present needs, and fulfills your wishes as a Christian steward.

Queen of All Saints Parish Endowment Fund – Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Queen of All Saints have an Endowment Fund?

Fr. Alfred Dettmer and four other parish members established the Queen of All Saints Endowment on August 12, 1986.  The fund was established to ensure the long-term viability of our parish and school.  It was the hope of the original donors that other individuals, corporations, and organizations would contribute to the fund.

Endowment funds can:

  • Enhance ministry/outreach.
  • Help care for our facilities.
  • Encourage us to be better stewards.
  • Provide a vehicle for giving.

Endowment funds provide donors an opportunity to:

  • Make a permanent gift from lifetime assets.
  • Provide on-going support for ministry.
  • Leave a legacy that will be remembered over time.

What makes this gift different from other forms of church giving?

Our endowment fund is a permanent fund and the intent is to only spend its earnings.  When funds are available and distributed, they will support our parish ministry and our property above and beyond normal budgeted items.

Are permanent endowment fund gifts tax deductible?

Yes.  Your gifts to the Queen of Saints Endowment Fund are deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.  Bequests, life income gifts and other donations of value are generally exempt from Federal Estate and Gift taxes.  Please check with your tax advisor for additional information.

 Who administers the fund?

The money is held in a trust and administered locally by Horizon Trust and Investment. The Queen of All Saints Endowment Fund Committee is responsible for the receipt, management and proper distribution of funds received from the trustee of the Endowment Trust Fund of Queen of All Saints. The Queen of All Saints Finance Council has oversight responsibilities and works directly with the Endowment Fund Committee.

What kinds of gifts can be made to our endowment fund?

There are many types of gifts that could benefit our permanent endowment fund. A few of them are:

  • Cash
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Life insurance
  • Planned Gifts

 Is my gift too small?

Because all gifts are pooled in the fund they have a cumulative effect making even the smallest gift is significant.  Every gift contributes to the overall growth of the principal amount, which compounds the return on investments.

 What is a planned gift?

A planned gift to the church is a financial gift structured to serve the needs of the church as well as the giver, such as:

  • Gifts through wills, also known as bequests.
  • Charitable trusts to support our permanent endowment fund.

Can I designate a special type of gift?

Specially designated gifts are a great way to show others how much you care about them and your parish.  These include:

  • Memorial gifts in remembrance of a family member or a church member.
  • Honor gifts recognizing special occasions such as sacramental milestones, anniversaries, achievements, retirements, promotes. 

Three ways to support the Endowment Fund

  • Cash or Stock: Give any amount, any time! Make checks out the Queen of All Saints Endowment.  Gifts of stock are   converted to cash, and the value is added to our fund.  By donating appreciated stock, there is a possibility of eliminating federal capital gains tax while supporting our parish community.
  • Bequest in your Will or Estate Plan: You can include our parish in your will or estate pan.  It’s quite easy.  You can designate a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate as a gift to our endowment fund. Contact your attorney for applicable language to include in your will.
  • Life Insurance or IRA Beneficiary Plans: You may name our parish as a full or partial primary or contingent beneficiary on your life insurance policy.  If you donate a policy, you may deduct its fair market value (as determined for tax purposes) or the cost basis, if lower.  In the case of retirement plan assets, such as an employee plan, IRA, or tax-sheltered annuity, your beneficiaries will owe income tax on these assets.  Donating even a percentage of your plan can provide a significant tax benefit.

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