4. Mobilize


  1. The fourth and final step of this process is to mobilize. In this step, you will select the specific goals that you’re striving for, and select the strategies that will help you reach those goals. In this step, you will create your ministry action plans.This step is all about taking action! After you’ve created your ministry action plans, set your goals, and thought about how you’re going to achieve those goals, you can serve your ministry in a more effective way. It is important to continue monitoring the effectiveness of your strategies throughout the year. Always continue asking the question: Is this ministry action effectively serving others and bringing people to Christ?


Filling out the following forms will help you mobilize and take action steps to lead your ministry:


Budget Sheet - Excel Form - please fill out and email to [email protected]

Simple Strategy Action Plan Fund List - Excel Form - please fill out and email to [email protected]

SMART Commission Ministry Action Planning Form - Google Form

Commission Action Plan 2019 - Google Form

Ministry Action Proposal Form - Google Form


For an overview of the Commission and Ministry Action Planning process, please click here.