Legacy Story

Tell us your QAS Legacy Story

Do you need help getting started with the interview or writing your story? We have put together some questions that may help you get started.

Questions to Ask

The questions that follow are given here only as suggestions for the interviewer.  They provide a direction for you to pursue, if and when the person being interviewed has exhausted a topic. They are here only if you need them.

Baptism and Parish of Origin

Were you baptized at Queen of All Saints?

Are you a first generation member of Queen of All Saints or were your parent’s members?

Do you know any family stories told about your baptism and God Parents?

Do you know when you joined Queen of All Saints?

Parish Traditions

What parish celebrations, traditions, or rituals were your family members involved with?

Was religion important in your family?


Did you attend Queen of All Saints School or a public school?

Who was a memorable teacher from the school or religious education?

Can you share an important family memory of receiving your sacraments?

Friendships & Marriage

Tell us about the story of your marriage/anniversary celebration of you and your spouse or of a family member or friend?

Have you remained friends or stayed in touch with friends from QAS school/parish?

Who was the priest who married you or blessed your anniversary?

Your Faith Journey

What was your first experience of awakened faith?

What life event(s) turned you towards god?

What detours or obstacles have you faced on your faith journey?

How have you stayed on the path to God or gotten back on the path?

Where do you feel God is leading you now?

Is there anything that we’ve left out of your life story?