My name is Jennifer Zerbes. I have been a member of Queen of All Saints Parish my entire life and take great pride in saying that I am an alumni of QAS school! Working in the same school that I grew up in is a wonderful experience for me because I feel like I am giving back to my Parish in a very unique and important way. I began volunteering with the QAS Children’s Choir 13 years ago and began working at Queen of All Saints School 10 years ago. The first 2 years I worked here as an assistant in the pre-school room and for 7 years I was the Art teacher. This year I am the Art teacher for students in pre-school thru fourth grade and I also assist in the third and fourth grade classrooms. I find great joy in working with our school’s children on a daily basis. My husband Joe and I have been married for 17 years and have 2 children; Jonathan is 14 and is in the ninth grade and Julia is 7 and in the second grade. Family activities keep me very busy but when I do have spare time I love to read James Patterson novels, go to the awesome museums in Chicago as well as visit some of the amazing historical churches there. I also enjoy listening to music, especially Kenny Chesney and I love all things Disney!


Signature Theme Strengths:  Responsibility, Empathy, Consistency, Developer, Communications