5.5 Athletic code of conduct


I. Criteria & Eligibility

• Athletes must maintain the academic requirements necessary to participate in sports programs as follows:

  • Athlete must maintain passing marks of at least a “C” in ALL classes
  • Athlete must maintain and average of 2.5 or higher in Conduct

• Grades will be checked every 2 weeks by the Athletic Director to determine eligibility. Should the athlete not meet the above requirements, the following disciplinary actions will be taken:

- Step 1: Student will be placed on a 2 week probation with a Notice of Probation Letter being sent home to the athlete’s parents.

- Step 2: After the initial 2 week probationary period, the following will occur:

  • If ALL student’s grades have improved to a “C” or above, student is removed from probation.
  • If ALL student’s grades have improved, but ANY remain below a “C”, student shall be granted another 2 weeks of probation and Step 2 shall be repeated.
  • If ANY of student’s grades remain at or below the initially checked grades, student will be suspended from any and all Athletics for 2 weeks.

- Step 3: If after the 2 week suspension the student’s grades remain at or below the initially checked grades, student will be permanently removed from any and all sports teams.

II. Conduct

• As noted above, the student athlete must maintain an average of 2.5 or above at all times during the athletic season.

• Students will follow the Queen of All Saints rules set for academics, behavior, and dress code.

• Students are not to represent themselves in any way that can bring embarrassment to QAS at anytime. This includes at school, practices, games, or at any time that they can be identified as a QAS student.

• Students will be respectful of everyone in attendance at sporting events. This includes Coaches, Officials, other players, parents, etc…

• Students will NOT argue calls with officials.

• Any player who is ejected from a sporting event will serve a MINIMUM of a 1 game suspension effective for the next game.

• Students will NOT argue with Coaches about playing time.

• Respect will be shown to fellow teammates at all times…both on the court/field AND in the classroom.


  • Social Media is a very powerful tool. We encourage the use of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other sites to publicize and share the fun, joy and excitement that we share here at Queen of All Saints.
  • At NO TIME is anything that can be considered bullying or derogatory towards ANYONE permitted by a student athlete on a social media page.
  • ANY infraction of the above rule will result in a MINIMUM of a 1 game suspension and could result in the permanent removal from the team.

III. Attendance

• Regular attendance, with on-time arrivals AND pick-ups, are expected and necessary to have a well-prepared and organized team.

• Excused Absences:

  • Illness of student or immediate family member that impacts the player’s transportation. Most parents are very accommodating and willing to help out. An alternate way of transportation is encouraged.
  • Death in the family
  • Another school function
  • Homework is NOT an excuse to miss practice.
  • Coaches may excuse other absences at their discretion.

• If a student does not have an excused absence in accordance with the guidelines set above, the following step will be taken:

  • 1st time - Verbal Warning
  • 2nd time - Student will sit half of a game
  • 3rd time - Student will sit 1 full game
  • 4th time - Student shall be removed from the team

• An athlete must be completely ready for a practice or game at the time specified by the Coach. This includes being dressed, having hair up (if needed) and all jewelry removed. This does not mean to walk in the gym unprepared at starting time.

• Players whose rides are not available after a practice or game MUST stay with their Coach until they arrive or go to Noah’s Ark. (Noah’s Ark Fees will Apply)

 pdfClick here to download/print the Player’s Code of Conduct (PDF). (57 KB)

For additional information, please contact:

Kevin Sparks
Athletic Director
[email protected]