33 Days to Morning Glory


33 Days to Morning Glory!
A new small group opportunity coming your way beginning the 3rd week of October. This 5 week book study will help you to grow in your love for Jesus through Mary.
It will culminate with a Marian Consecration at Mass on Monday, Nov. 21st at 6:00pm where we gather together to offer our Consecration to Mary through Jesus.

We have 5 small groups offered for this book study for you to choose from:
  • MONDAY 8:30 am with Julie Wozjik
  • TUESDAY 6:30 pm with Nick Emsing
  • WEDNESDAY 1:00 pm with Lucia Bim-Merle
  • THURSDAY 5:30 pm with Diane Gasaway
  • SUNDAY 8:30 am with Lucia Bim-Merle


  • MONDAY at 6:00pm with Ana Rosa Aguirre
You can register for a class and purchase your book after the weekend Masses or at the parish office.  Cost per book is $15.
Contact Lucia @ [email protected] for more information or to register.