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Welcome to Queen of All Saints Parish Vocations Web Page!

Queen of All Saints Vocations Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster a culture of Vocations, listening and responding to the call of God within the Queen of All Saints Parish family.  We promote all vocations: Priesthood, Diaconate, Vowed Religious Life, Married and the Single Life.  In doing this, we nurture an environment in the community through prayer and other activities, which promote priesthood, vowed religious life and all vocations as possibilities for people, young and old alike.  All vocations are encouraged within the context of our Baptismal vocation to holiness, given through Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Responsibilities of the Vocation Ministry

  • To pray daily for an increase in ecclesial vocations.
  • To deepen awareness of the various vocations within the Catholic Church to the Priesthood, Diaconate, Vowed Religious Life, Married and Single Life.
  • To spread awareness to parishioners about the need for vocations in the Church as a calling from God for a commitment to serve God's people.
  • To offer support and encouragement to priests, deacons, and vowed religious within the parish.
  • To accept and carry out assigned tasks by the Pastor and to report on the progress of this assigned work.
  • Tasks could include working with other parish committees.

Meetings are scheduled as needed according to the availability of committee members.  All men and women of the parish are welcome to attend and/or participate as they are able. Please contact Debbie Dellumo in the rectory office for more information at 219-872-9196, or

A Prayer for Vocations

God, Father, Almighty, You renew the Church in every age by calling forth vocations to the Priesthood, Di aconate, Vowed Religious Life, Married and Single Life. These men and women, who have answered Your call, witness to Your unconditional love and plan of salvation.

We ask that you send Your Holy Spirit upon women and men of our parish and in our universal church, that they may hear Your call today and generously respond in courage and love to Your invitation to serve in the Priesthood, Diaconate, Vowed Religious Life, Married and Single Life. Give parents the grace to encourage vocations to the Church in their families. May all our parishioners watch over the young people of our parish, as St. Joseph watched over Mary and the child Jesus, and guide them to be open to Your call. 

May we continue to grow in our baptismal vocation and serve You and Your people with our whole heart, soul, mind and body. We ask this through Your Son, Jesus Christ, who called us to follow Him. Amen.


PRAY:  Of all the ways we can work toward the increase of vocations in the Church, prayer is undoubtedly the most essential.  Make a personal commitment to pray for vocations each day.  Keep in mind that we get the vocations for which we pray.

  1. ATTEND MASS DAILY:  The celebration of the Mass and the reception of the Eucharist is the fundamental aspect of our faith.  Coming together at Mass will serve to strengthen the bond you have with your parish family.  It is a strong and faithful parish that produces vocations, especially those to the Priesthood, Diaconate and Religious Life.
  2. PRAY BEFORE THE BLESSED SACRAMENT:  Nothing is more powerful than praying before our Lord in the Tabernacle.  Asking the Lord to call forth and send to our Church men and women who will lead us ever closer to Christ.  Encourage others to join you in a Holy Hour dedicated to pray for vocations and for young people especially as they discern what God is calling them to do for Him and for His Church. Read more on the Holy Hour here.
  3. ENCOURAGE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Many priests and vowed religious state that no one in their family or friends ever encouraged them to consider a vocation in the church.  Inviting is important for all vocations – Married life, Single Life, and the Diaconate, as well as Priesthood and Religious Life.  It is important for us to encourage and support those who are discerning a call to service within the Church.
  4. PARISH, SCHOOL, AND R.E. VOCATION PRAYER CROSS: The Vocation Prayer Cross has on it pictures of the seminarians in the Diocese of Gary who have responded to God’s call. It is meant to help create a culture of vocations, and raise awareness of the need for vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Individuals and families can take the cross home to pray with for a week. Read more on the Vocation Cross here.
  5. PRAY THE ROSARY: Ask Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to intercede on behalf of the Church to send us men and women who are humble, obedient, and loving, and seek to serve as priests, deacons, men and women religious.
  6. EXHIBIT LOVE FOR YOUR FAITH:  By being faithful to the church's teaching, you can provide your parish family with a powerful witness to the importance of living one's faith in all you do.  Proclaim the Gospel to all you meet in deed and in words.
  7. PARTICIPATE IN VOCATION AWARENESS WEEK:  Take part in the events of the diocese and our parish during Vocation Awareness Week in January.  Pray for others for an increase in Ecclesial (Church) Vocations, especially to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life.  Your presence and support will enhance the effectiveness of these events.

 Vocations - Understanding Vocation
Taken from the Diocese of Gary Vocation website

What Is A Vocation?

Although we are all called by Baptism into the Paschal Mystery of Christ’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection, Christ gives different gifts and talents to each for the good of all, for the building up of the Body of Christ.  In order to bring about this unity, the Spirit of God calls and gifts every member to holiness, perfection in charity.  At the same time, the Spirit calls and gifts each member to a unique place among the faithful.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church illustrates this call:

“The very differences which the Lord has willed to put between the members of his body serve its unity and mission. For "in the Church there is diversity of ministry but unity of mission. To the apostles and their successors, Christ has entrusted the office of teaching, sanctifying, and governing in his name and by his power. But the laity are made to share in the priestly, prophetical, and kingly office of Christ; they have therefore, in the Church and in the world, their own assignment in the mission of the whole People of God." Finally, "from both groups [hierarchy and laity] there exist Christian faithful who are consecrated to God in their own special manner and serve the salvific mission of the Church through the profession of the evangelical counsels" (CCC, 873).

Thus, some are called to exercise Christ’s ministry in the lay state as either married or single persons, some as consecrated men and women religious (i.e., monks, nuns, sisters, friars), and some in ordained ministry as deacons and/or priests.  A vocation is a calling by and gifting from God.  God calls every member of the Church to live out their baptismal call in one or more of these ways.  For example, God has called many permanent deacons to both marriage and ordained ministry.  Some priests in our diocese are both members of religious communities and ordained priests.  Most of the men and women of our diocese are called to marriage.  Some men are called to live lives of service to the Diocese of Gary as priests. For more, please click here.

What Does The Church Say About Vocations?

"All the faithful, whatever their condition or state, are called by the Lord, each in his own way, to that perfect holiness whereby the Father Himself is perfect"  (Lumen Gentium, ch. 2, n. 11).

"The fostering of vocations cannot be considered a marginal activity, but must be incorporated fully into the life and activity of the community"   Pope John Paul II.

"Every vocation is born, is nourished, and develops in the Church and is linked to the Church in it origin, purpose, and mission"   World Day for Vocations (1996), Pope John Paul II.

"Scripture narrates the history of salvation as a history of vocations, in which the Lord's initiative and people's response have become intertwined. In fact every vocation is born from the meeting of two freedoms: the divine and the human: Every vocation is a personal and unique event, but also a community and ecclesial event. No one is called to walk alone" (Pope John Paul II, World Day of Prayer for Vocations, 1997).

What Is God Calling You To Do?

I would like to ask each one of you: What will you do with your life?  What are your plans? Have you ever thought of committing your existence totally to Christ?  Do you think that there can be anything greater than to bring Jesus to people and people to Jesus?

We wonder and ask, Why?  Why am I here? Why am I alive at all? What must I do? None of you is alone in posing these questions.

In the first place I say this: you must never think that you are alone in deciding your future! And second: when deciding your future, you must not decide for yourself alone!  Do not be afraid of the radicalness of His demands, because Jesus, who loved us first, is prepared to give Himself to you, as well as asking of you. If He asks much from you, it is because He knows you can give much.

Sometimes, lay men and women do not seem to appreciate to the full the dignity and the vocation that is theirs as lay people. It is their specific vocation and mission to express the Gospel in their lives and thereby to insert the Gospel as a leaven into the world in which they live and work. Follow Christ! You who are young or old. Follow Christ! You who are sick or aging; you who feel...the need of a friend.  Follow Christ!  Text taken from "The Meaning of Vocation - in the Words of John Paul II" (Scepter)

Ecclesial (Church) Vocations Today:  Diocesan Priesthood, Permanent Diaconate for Married and Single Men, Religious Order Priesthood, Vowed Religious Men and Women (Brothers, Sisters and Nuns).

At Queen of All Saints Parish:  Fr. Kevin Huber is a diocesan priest.

Vocations - Frequently Asked Questions

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For more information on Religious Vocations, call the Diocese of Gary Vocation Office
Fr. David Kime, Director
(219) 962-8626

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