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Retreat in Daily Life - Endorsements & Testimonies

“The Exercises open a person to the Light of God in deeply personal ways. We know what life the sunlight
brings forth; well, the Light of God's Spirit touches each "soul" uniquely and brings forth amazing abundance
of life and fruitfulness.”

What have past retreatants at Loyola said about their experience with the Spiritual Exercises?

A few of the many positive comments received from retreatants who have completed the Exercises in recent years:

“The retreat made God real for me and had me recognize where God is working in my life.”

“I had no idea these exercises were so powerful and such a blessing.”

“I greatly enjoyed the retreat experience and would highly recommend it to others.”

“The retreat was very timely in my life.”

“The Exercises were very useful, especially the dynamic: booklets, spiritual director and small group weekly
meeting. The retreat helped me to remember God in the everyday.”

“I wanted to grow in my own faith and to experience a greater sense of community at Loyola. The retreat met both of these expectations far more than I suspected it would.”

“My expectations were met in many unexpected ways: a prayer group which provided a continuing and effective
moral and spiritual support; a spiritual advisor who provided spiritual companionship and guidance.”

Fr. Bill Creed SJ

"The retreat in daily life offers a practical way for individuals to experience in the flow of one’s life, the
mysteries of God’s deep love and very personal invitations to ever deepening growth in relationship with God,
self, and others. I am in awe of the deep personal formation available to those who commit themselves to
the process of transformation that the Spiritual Exercises offer. Many lives, including my own, have been
profoundly shaped by St. Ignatius’ gift of the Spiritual Exercises to the Church."

Sr. Joyce Diltz, PHJC, D. Min.
Director, Bethany Retreat House

“How do I tell what the Retreat in Daily Life has done for Me? It has changed my prayer life and given me the
means of forgiving a relationship in my life, and a friendship with God. I am grateful beyond words to have
had the opportunity to make the retreat.”

Kathy Brill
Member of QAS, Teacher and Catechist

“I experienced the Retreat in Daily Life in 2013-14. I met with my Spiritual Director once every other week
for 32 weeks. Yes, it is a time commitment but it is the best time I have ever spent with God. The Spiritual
Exercises helped me get to know God and develop a relationship with Him. I developed prayer habits which I
have carried with me ever since."

Anna Corkill
Member of St. Patrick Church, Catechist