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Employment Opportunity
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Holy Hour for Vocations
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Young Adult Ministry
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Poverty at the Crossroads
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Saints In Action T-Shirt Order Form
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Living Your Strengths Brochure
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Matthew Kelly Mass Videos
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What Are Your Talents?
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QAS Ministry Guide
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Vocation Prayer Cross
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Tapped In is Alive at Queen of All Saints!
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Help Support our Parish Bulletin
If you are interested in helping support the Catholic community at Queen of All Saints Church, and marketing your business, please contact Dave Chulski from Diocesan Publications at 1-800-783-1623.

Learn about Jesus 24/7!
It is found the closer you get to the Lord Jesus, your spirit hungers for more knowledge of him.  EWTN, Eternal Word Television Network, is a source of many great programs that will help you on your spiritual journey.  It airs 24/7 with many excellent hosts that are on fire about the Catholic religion and have the knowledge to teach it well.  There are programs for everyone!  You will soon see why the Holy Catholic Church is the place to receive the abundant outpouring of God’s love to his children.  Check out EWTN on Michigan City, Channel 119.

For a program schedule or more information please go to:

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